Petroleum Engineering Services

Quality engineering solutions for production, operations, reservoir, drilling/completion and abandonment needs.   

Scope of Work:

  • Achieve safe and environmentally sound practices in field and maintenance.
  • Manage daily oil and gas production operations and help to expand profitability by increasing revenue and lowering operating expenses.
  • Evaluate field performance opportunities to maximize the absolute value of the project.
  • Formulate project cost estimates and execution strategies.
  • Establish appropriate equipment for facilities and construction operation.
  • Perform procedures in drilling, workover, snubbing and coil tubing operations.
  • Determine and implement electric line, slickline, remedial and P&A operations.
  • Perform reservoir simulation studies to optimize recovery.
  • Forecast and evaluate waterflood and enhancement recovery.
  • Forecast reserves and performance for well proposals.



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